Green Strength Bodyweight Session FOR YOU!

Start conservative and rest as needed. First session will be 3 rounds of each tri-set of exercises. The second time you do this add a round. And finally the third time add another (that makes 5). Each rep – each set – each breath must be mindful, no lazy bs or talking to a friend. PRACTICE!

As with anything you can add or scale to your level. For example on wall handstands I used db’s, and had feet on bench for my push ups, also linked breath and honored the eccentrics. Play, improvise, and get after it!

1a- the pump x10
1b- mountain climber x5/leg
1c- wall handstand x30sec

2a- push up x10
2b- supine row x10
2c- Hindu squat x15

3a- headstand knee tucks x5
3b- crawl hold w/ head looks over shoulder x30sec
3c- pull up fingers x5