What do others have to say?


“I have been competing at the highest level of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling competition for over 7 years and I have tried every sort of workout routine and diet in the book.  This past year I started training with Luke Tirey and now at 28 yrs old, I feel stronger and healthier than ever before.  I have reached personal bests in strength and body fat % and even cut down to the lowest weight I have ever competed at and none of that would of been possible without Luke Tirey!  With his help I was able to win my 2nd IBJJF No-Gi World title and I know I will accomplish much more with him by my side.”

Rafael Lovato Jr. www.lovatojr.com – America’s Most Accomplished BJJ Competitor


“I traveled all the way from Minnesota to train with Luke and it was worth every mile! Not only has Luke helped me become a lot stronger and explosive in the weight room but has also helped me apply that added strength and explosiveness to the court. He’s always keeping the workouts challenging and the atmosphere in the gym is very motivating. I’m extremely exited about seeing the hard work I put in with Luke pay off this season. I recommend anything athlete that wants to reach their potential to come train with Luke!”

Cody Aasness – Guard-M State


“Luke Tirey’s training is legit. 
Luke’s athlete’s come out to 
play and you can see the 
difference in the weight 
room and on the field. Luke 
is well known inside the 
inner circle of Strength and 
Conditioning as a coach 
who knows his craft and he 
gets better each year.”

Camilo Gutierrez: 
Owner of Midtown Strength 
and Conditioning located in 
Sacramento CA.



“Over the past few years I 
have had hip & groin 
problems and most recently 
pulled my adductor. It’s been 
an ongoing problem I 
couldn’t seem to get better. 
After working with Luke I have 
noticed an improvement in 
hip mobility and flexibility. I 
feel the added flexibility and 
strength will help prevent 
injuries and make me more 
explosive. I’m a believer in 
Luke’s training and really feel 
it will help me this upcoming 


Reggie Smith II
 (Ex. San Francisco 49’er, Carolina Panther, Oakland Raider)



“Since training at Oklahoma Strength, I have become stronger,faster,smarter, and more athletic. I no longer have the fear of becoming fatigued or gassed in my fights. Win,lose, or draw, I will never have to question my physical condition.”

 Myron “The Future” Dennis


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