9/26 – GreenStrengthIV Training Log

Monday 9/26

Session 1

KB Arm Bar w/ Bent Press
36 2×3/3 preses

53 3×1/1
62 2×1/1

KB Single Arm Swing
79 5×10/10 = 100 total (9min)

Single Arm KB Press Ladder
62 x5-4-3-2-1
62 x4-3-2-1
62 x3-2-1
70 x2 79×1
79 x1
*All sets unbroken
(35 total presses per arm)

CTB Tactical Pull Up
5x 3-3 = 30 total

Belted Sled Drag Forward & Backwards
110 x15min

Greenstrength meal

GreenStrength Food was definitely consumed before this second session.

Session 2

Belted Sled Drag Forward – 2x40yd & Backward x40yd
Single Leg Deadlift – 2×5/5

Belt Squat + Belt Squat Goodmorning
150 x8 squat x8 goodmorning
150 + 26 3×8/8

Sumo Deadlift (Wk 2 – Hard Day)
365 8×1 (60sec rest)

Then conventional pulls
365 3×5

Axle Bar Military Press (split stance)

T-Bar Neutral Grip Bent Row
125 2×15

45 4×10

Prone Incline KB Scap Shrug
62 4×12

Ring Supine Row

Axle Bar Curl
60 2×10

DB Side Raise
15 2×15

Band Pull Apart
Black Band 2×15

KB Swing
106 2×10
106 2×15

DBL KB Farmers Walk
88 4x40yds
*Little rest if any between superset and very small rest between each round

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Wisconsin muscle and hustle. | GreenStrength

Headed back from a great vacation with my ladies, although the drive is rough on the body I’m managing to handle it.

I had 3 training sessions on this vacation and each one was 1hr or less of efficient training.

The first day we visited Fords Gym for a deadlifting workout. This was the 1st scheduled session in prep for the Tactical Strength Challenge. I Did the following:
1- deadlift 1×2 @430
2- deadlift 8×3 @345
3- circuit style of 3 total rounds. Minimal rest
-stiff leg deadlift – 135×8, 185×8, 235×8
-seated cable row – set on 15×8 each round
-neutral grip pull up – x8 each round
– safety squat bar goodmorning – 160×8, 180×8, 200×8

The following day I took to the hills of Cottage Grove, Wi. I am always nursing my previously torn calves so being smart in sprints is a priority. I did the following:
4 distances (long, almost long, medium, a little under medium) and did 3 sprints at each distance (descending Down).
This was 40min in total time

The third and final training day was back to Fords Gym. The atmosphere, people, and old school equipment make it a destination every time I return to Madison, Wi. This session was my squat/press barbell day and went as follows:
1- Safety Squat Bar Squat
-worked up to 300×5, then 340×3
2- dropped load to 270 and did 3×3 w/ pauses of 10-20sec on 1st rep each time
3- barbell military superset w/ HSPU (strict)
-135×3 + 3HSPU, 155×3 + 3HSPU, 175×3 + 3HSPU
4- pistol squat – I stayed with a 53lb kb and did 10 per leg, between sets I did 3×5 of my favorite ab exercise JANDA SIT-UPS.

This concluded my “training”, however that makes no sense because I am always training. Let me explain,
-I love going on walks and did several at the farm
-I practiced my yoga here and there whenever I needed a release from my tightly bound body
-I maintained a diet of quality nutrients even tho it was vacation and cheese curds, brauts, and beer were in abundance. This isn’t always easy but when I smash the TSC it’ll be all worth it.

Enough of my talk – let’s talk Madison Wi. What a city! People moving everywhere, coffee shops with character on every corner, lakes galore, and home of the original Monkey Bar Gymnasium. I highly recommend this city for any and everyone to visit – you won’t regret it!