9/27 – GreenStrengthIV Training Log

Tuesday 9/27

Session 1

Safety Squat Bar Squat (Ladder Program – Wk 2 Light Day)
105×5, 155×5, 205×5, 255×3
275 3 ladders of 3 rungs (5-3-2) = 30 total reps


Safety Squat Bar Squat (Slow tempo – slight pause)
205 5×3

Axle Bar Close Grip Incline Bench Press (Ladder Program – Wk 2 Light Day)
60×5, 110×5,

KB Incline Single Arm Row
53 7×10/10

Prowler March
190 10x20yds

Deficit Push Up

Chin Up

*All done in a circuit. Little to no rest

Airdyne Sprint
10cal at top of each min x8min


So very true…

Session 2 

KB Max Power Swings
70 x8 EMOM x20min
160 total swings

Belted Sled Drag – Forward, Backward, Lateral
100 x30min

Weighted Vest Walk
50 x15min

Hanging Knee Raise

Need a change in routine or some guidance and direction? Feel free to contact me below..


9/16 – GreenStrengthIV Training Log

Friday 9/16

Session 1


70 x5/5

“Right of Passage” C&P (Day 3 of 3)

70 5 ladders of 4 rungs (4-3-2-1) = 50 total presses per arm

Variety Neutral Grip Pull Ups

5 ladders of 4 rungs (4-3-2-1) = 50 total pull ups

Single Arm KB Swing

70 x 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5 = 100 total

Single Arm KB Farmers Walk

53 2x1min each side – no rest/back to back

Session 2

Spider Cambered Bar Back Squat (Day 3 of 3)

260 10×3 (approx 60-90sec rest)

Spider Cambered Bar Cyclist Back Squat – Heels on bumper 25

120×8, 170×8,

200 3×8

Dimel Deadlifts

185 3×12

Pyramid Deadlift

150 3×8

*Rest about 30sec between each – a few minutes between sets

Prowler Sprint

140 5x20yd

DBL KB Farmers Walk

88’s 3x40yd



*all done in superset – rest about 2-3min between each set

Sled Drag

90 x10min

9/15 – GreenStrengthIV Training Log


Thursday 9/15
Greenstrength meal








Session 1 (9:30am)

Sumo Deadlift (Day 2 of 2) – Following Rule of 10

135×3, 225×2, 315×1

335 10×1 (approx40-60sec rest)

Axle Bar Close Grip Bench Press

100×5, 150×5

200 10×5

Superset with T-Bar Neutral Grip Rows

75 12×10

(Rest was around 2min between each Press set)

Axle Bar Skull Crusher/Tate Press Variation

100 3×10

Belt Squat (Added bumper 45lb plates for extra depth)

150 3×12

Russian KB Farmers Walk

DBL 36 2x1min

Incline Trap 3 Raise

2.5 2×8

Session 2 (4pm)


53 x3/3 unbroken/1 side all through,

53 2×1/1

Single Arm Swing

53 x10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10 = 100 total in 4min 20sec

GTG KB Press (Day 2 of 2)

All presses done bottoms up

36 x 2 ladders of 4 rungs (4-3-2-1)

36 x4/4, 44×3/3, 44×2/2, 53×1/1 (done in ladder style – sit down to switch)

36 x6/6, 44×3/3, 53×1/1 (same as above)

36×7/7, 44×2/2, 53×1/1 (same as above)

All ladder set = 50 total presses per arm

Neutral Grip Pull Ups Ladder

18 on foot 5×4-3-3 = 50 total

Row Sprint

200m x5

  1. 34.8 1:27.0/500m 38/sm
  2. 34.1 1:25.2/500m 38/sm
  3. 34.3 1:25.7/500m 36/sm
  4. 34.0 1:25/500 38/sm
  5. 34.3 1:25.7/500m 38/sm

Belted Sled Drag Forwards and Backwards

90 x10min

Back ext


Ab Wheel


9/14 – GreenStrengthIV Training Log

Wednesday 9/14

Session 1


x60min light recovery spin (450cal)

Session 2 

Croc Breathe

Croc Breathe into Bretzel

KB Arm Bar 16kg x1/1


70 x5/5 – rest as needed

“Right of Passage” C&P (Day 2 of 3)

704 ladders of 4 rungs (4-3-2-1)

Medium Grip Neutral Grip Pull Up Ladder

4 ladders of 4 rungs (4-3-2-1)

Single Arm Swing

70 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 10/10, 5/5, 5/5, 10/10, 5/5 = 100 (8min)

BJJ Drilling

40min of light movement and drilling in the GI


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Congrats Phillip | #GreenStrength Meal

Congratulations Phillip Miller on receiving his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu this past week. Ever since meeting Phillip a couple years ago I have enjoyed watching him compete and rise in rank. Probably safe to say now that his journey has finally begun! Best of luck in the future – Green Strength supports you!

Phillip Miller Black Belt 2

Recently I have been posting my #GreenStrengthMeal and getting great response and questions from many.

Greenstrength meal

Keep them coming, I am here to help as much as I can.

Check this meal out from none other than the badass above (Phillip Miller). Dude receives a black belt and tosses down a #GreenStrengthMeal like a boss. As world champ James Puopolo and I like to say (Karelin Meals!)

Phillip Miller Greenstrength Meal

Organic-free range eggs, covered in seared organic avocado, sprinkled with hemp hearts. 

Qualifies with flying colors! Send me your #GreenStrengthMeal

Oss, Namaste, In Strength, Peace Out

Lucius C. Tirey IV

Green Strength Abs.. Get em’, Got em’, Good…

Obtaining a stronger midsection takes consistent practice, with sound technique, and a solid plan. Good news is I am giving you a solid plan for free right here! As with all exercises, I advise you to dig into each one and really learn how the movements are executed. Using the correct movement and applying the correct tension/relaxation is key – this is what then makes practice so important. The end result is a solid, chiseled, thick midsection like that of a greek god. Give it a go for 1 to 3 sessions a week for 3 to 4 weeks and report back to me with your results.

If you really want to get into this stuff, I’m available for a private where we could delve deep into this topic. I assure you that taking the time to learn how to move your body properly will change your numbers…on the scales, in your lifts, in your posture, and in your blood work.

5 Rounds

-TGU Roll To Elbow x3/3

-Hanging Straight Leg Raise x5 (I actually suggest using the elbow straps and really compress your center)

-Janda Sit Up x5 (Slowly lower each eccentric).. FYI – It’s important to understand what your doing in the Janda Sit Up. Assume the standard bent-knee crunch position while your partner, a band, or your pavelizer (Pavel’s Product) holds your legs just below the calves. This hand position is the secret to Janda sit-ups. Your feet should remain in contact with the floor at all times during the movement, and the knees should be flexed no more than 90 degrees. Fold you hands across your chest, inhale, and slowly sit up while applying steady pressure against your partner’s hands with your legs. Stop when the tension in the abs is about to drop off (around halfway up) and exhale at the top of the movement. Inhale again and lower yourself all the way to the floor, pushing against your partner’s hands the whole time. Relax for a second, then repeat.

-KB or DB Side Bend x5/5

-Leopard Crawls x10 yards forward / 10 yards backwards

-KB Rack Walks x150ft

Simple, tough, and time-tested proven. If you add this in with your deadlifts, chin ups, presses, squats, swings, and couple that with a belly constantly full of REAL FOOD, fruits, veggies, grassfed meats, nuts/seeds, sweet potatoes you my friend will be ‘strong like bull’.