9/30 – GreenStrengthIV Training Log

Friday 9/30

Session 1

Belt Squat + Belt Goodmorning
150 3×10+10

Sumo Deadlift (Wk 2 – Light Day)
345 12×1 (60sec rest)

Then deficit conventional pulls (35lb bumper plate)
345 4×5

Step Up
Bodyweight x5/5
20lb Chain x5/5
40lb Chain 2×5/5

Deficit Barbell Pendlay Row
225 4×5

Seated Single Arm Band Pulldown
Orange Band 5×20

Football Bar Wide Grip OHP (Split Stance)
100 3×8

Stability Ball Bridge + Curl


DB Reverse Fly
15 3×15

Reverse Sled Drag
235 3x20yd

Forward Sled Drag
235 3x20yd

Thumbless Barbell Reverse Curl

Captains Crush Level 1

Session 2 

Weighted Vest Walk
50lb x40min

Nutrition Made Simple – GO!

The topic of food, diets, supplements is a never ending discussion in the gym. I am beyond floored by the fact that the majority of us simply don’t understand how to eat for a healthy body/mind. Before we get crazy with all the nutrient timing and secret hacks out there we must first create an environment of consistency with 1 ingredient – real nutrient dense foods. Here is some direction – I call it nutrition made simple, dive in.


  1. Educate yourself on what 1 ingredient – real nutrient dense foods are. For the sake of simplicity, here is a shopping list from the WHOLE 30 group.
  2. Understand you need to eat enough “fuel” each day to perform. A good starting point is to make sure you’re getting around 15xBW in Calories. After a few weeks you can adjust up or down accordingly. *Remember, lack of fuel can be a disaster to your hormones and performance/cognitive abilities.
  3. Build balanced meals. Nothing fancy here – just make sure each meal contains a
    -Protein Source
    -Fat Source
    -Vegetable and or/fruit source
    *Little secret here. Want to lose more fat? Opt for more colorful veggies in place of starches/fruits. *You can also use the shopping list to pick a variety of options for each spot in your meal.

Now go cook, enjoy the taste of real food, and be consistent. Oh and watch your energy levels and body change for the better.

One more thing – Supplements…. Ummm.. Ask after the following are in order.

-Sleeping 6-8 hours each night
-Eating the above for an extended period of time.. Not 2 weeks but at least 2 months.
-Daily activity for at least 20-30min
-Staying Hydrated.. Drink your WATER!


Be a caring human to your body and get after it!

Questions? Contact me below.

9/21 – GreenStrengthIV Training Log

Wednesday 9/21

Today was a very good day for very small – yet powerful things. I was a little tired and down upon rising this morning and definitely wasn’t looking forward to going in at 6am. But once i arrived and spent some time around a few very uplifting people my mood, energy, and drive to make the day good was boosted. Hmm.. Could have also been that french pressed coffee  🙂

Session 1

Max Power Endurance KB Swing – 70 x5 EMOM x20min = 100 total swings

Belted Sled Drag – 70 x15min


Upper Body Various Exercise Sled Drag – 45 x10min

BJJ Lovato Curriculum Review w/ Coach Greg and Coach Dylan. 60+ Min


Session 2 

Belt Squat
150 x12
150 + 20lbs Chain x12
150 + 40lbs Chain x12
150 + 60lbs Chain x12

Sumo Deadlift (Wk 1 – Medium Day)
335 10×1 (60sec rest)


Conventional Deficit Deadlift (off 25lb Bumper plate)
335 2×5

KB C&P Ladder
70 1 x5-4-3-2-1 (Rested bell between rungs)
70 1 x4-3-2-1 (rested bell between rungs)
70 3 x3-2-1 (Unbroken)

Pull Up Neutral Grip Ladder
18 1 x5-4-3-2-1
18 1 x4-3-2-1
18 3 x3-2-1

KB Swing
106 5×10

KB Hammer Curl – 14 3×12
KB Hammer Grip Lateral Front Raise – 14 3×12
KB Shrug – 79 3×12

Russian Farmers Walk – 53 2x1min
Seated KB Dorsiflexion – 18 2×10/side

BJJ Light Rolling (Practicing) x40 straight min

Airdyne x30min (250cal)
*This was done immediately after the continuous rolling

Looking for a change in your routine? Need help with a program or nutritional guidance? Feel free to give me a shout below!

Sessions enhanced by Alpha Brain. Click on the picture below and try it out for yourself.


9/20 – GreenStrengthIV Training Log

Tuesday 9/20

Session 1

Bretzel, Croc Breathe, KB Arm Bar, Frog Rocks…

Prowler Walk – 90 x40yd
TGU – 53 x1/1
*8 Rounds

Hanging Leg Raise – 3×5

KB Swing
53 Two Hand 2×25
53 Single Arm 5×5/5
*Short rest

Second session as always was primed and enhanced with some Alpha Brain from Onnit. I stand behind this product and use it almost daily. Click the photo to check it out for yourself. 


Session 2 

Safety Squat Bar Squat (Ladder Program – Wk 1 Light Day)
105×5, 155×5, 205×5
255 3 ladders of 3 rungs (5-3-2) = 30 total reps

Safety Squat Bar Pause Squat
205 5×2

Axle Bar Close Grip Incline Bench Press (Wk 1 Light Day)
60×5, 110×5
160 x6, 170 x6, 180 x6, 190 2×6

Single Arm KB Row
106 5×6/6

Bulgarian Split Squat – DBL 44 KB 3×8/8
Ring Band Resisted Push Up – Red Band 3×12
Band Standing Lat Pullover – Orange Band 3×20

Airdyne Sprints – 10cal EMOM x1omin
*All sprints under 10sec

Belted Sled Drag Forward and Backwards – 125 x10min

My face after the airdyne today.

clown monkey

Have any questions? Contact me below!

9/18 – GreenStrengthIV Training Log

Sunday 9/19

Starting a 4 week phase today. I will post the details of the training out all together in another post. The goals for this 4 weeks are to

  1. Overfeed – With mainly real “one ingredient” foods. Carbs, and calories will be increased from usual.
  2. Gain Weight – My body needs a break and some added weight and caloric splurge will do wonders for me overall. Plus its essential for what some call “Gainz”.
  3. Increase Strength – It’s time to lay a new foundation and path towards some increased raw strength.

Session 1

Safety Squat Bar Back Squat (Ladder Program – Wk 1 Hard Day)

105×5, 155×5, 205×5

255 5 ladders of 3 rungs (5-3-2) = 50 total reps (23min total)

*Rest was about 30sec between rungs and 2-3 min between ladder sets.

Axle Bar Close Grip Bench Press (Ladder Program – Wk 1 Hard Day

60×5, 110×5, 160×5

210 5 ladders of 3 rungs (5-3-2) = 50 total reps (18min total)

*Rest was about 30sec between rungs and 2min between ladder sets

T-Bar Neitral Grip Row – 100 3×12

Dips – 44 3×12

Back Ext Hold 25 plate at chest – 25 3×12

*All done in superset – 2min or so between sets

Session 2 

Airdyne – x10min light

TGU – 53 x1 (right rd 1, left rd 2…)

Single Arm KB Swing – 53 x10 (same as TGU)

Belted Sled Drag – 115 x40yd forward

Belted Sled Drag – 115 x40yd backwards

Push Up – x10

Ring Row – x10

*Went through them 1 after another for 10 rounds. (Approx 55min)

Belted KB March – 53 x5min