Green Strength Submitting People This Weekend??

Congratulations to Green Strength Black Belt No-Gi World Champion James Puopolo for going 2-0 this weekend at the KO FInisher in Canada.

James Puopolo

James won by submission in both matches, and prepares his body daily with cross-crawls, crawling, rocking, and mindful – conscious – practice in all applied disciplines.

Nothing Sexy or New Age – Just straight ass whooping!

James Puopolo 1

Rafael Lovato Jr. Interview W/ White Belt BJJ

This weekend out in Cali my Lovato Jr. BJJ Family is going to work. Click here to check out this awesome interview Rafael did with White Belt BJJ. Getting to know and train Rafael, Justin Rader, James Puopolo, Jared Dopp, Xande Ribeiro, and more has been an entertaining honor I can’t describe.

You can find the interview HERE if you missed it above!