9/29 – GreenStrengthIV Training Log

Thursday 9/29

Session 1

Safety Squat Bar Squat (Ladder Program – Wk 2 Medium Day)
105×5, 155×5, 205×5, 255×3
275 4 ladders of 3 rungs (5-3-2) = 40 total reps

Axle Bar Close Grip Bench Press (Ladder Program – Wk 2 Medium Day)
60×5, 110×5, 160×5
220 4 ladders of 3 rungs (5-3-2) = 40 total reps

Safety Squat Bar Pause Squats
205 4×3 (2 sec pause)

Ring Supine Rows

Zercher Reverse Lunge
110 2×6/6

Safety Squat Bar Loaded Walk
205 3x40yds

Standing Calf Raise

Russian KB Farmers Walk
DBL 62 3x40yds

Band Palloff Circles
Red Band 3×10/10

BJJ Drilling w/ Professor Rader x45min

marley monkey

Session 2

53 x3/3 (Unbroken)

Max Power Endurance KB Swing
70 x8 EMOM x20min = 160 total swings

Prowler Walk
210 8×20

C2B Strict Pull Up

Airdyne Sprint
10cal EMOM x10min

Belted Sled Drag – Forward, Backwards, Lateral
100 x10min

Reflections the day before competiton….

Tomorrow Oct 4th 2014 is going to be a big day for me as I am competing in the Tactical Strength Challenge at 9am. The TSC was developed by Chief Pavel Tsatsouline in 2002 as a way for military and law enforcement to test workplace performance. Now it’s a worldwide competition that tests three forms of strength.

1- Maximal Strength – A max powerlifting deadlift (three attempts)
2- Relative Strength – Pull ups for max reps (palms forward, no kipping, neck must touch the bar) or a flexed arm hang (in the Novice Women’s category)
3- Strength Endurance – Kettlebell snatches for max reps in a 5:00 time period (unlimited hand switches and different weights for different competitor categories)

My goal was originally world champion (this will still happen), however I have had some set backs in maximal strength – due to some steps forward in overall movement, health, mobility, etc.. So in other words this TSC is a trial run for myself. My goals are to do at least the following.

-Deadlift 550lbs

-Pull Ups 20

-Snatch 110

Once the adrenaline kicks in and my mindset becomes completely focussed these might be a lower ballpark – we will see… 🙂

Directly after finishing the TSC I am rushing down to the Convention Center in Downtown Dallas Texas to compete in the FIVE Submission Grappling Tournament. I am doing both Gi and No-Gi, hopefully I can make this experience great by bringing home some limbs and chains. Really excited to compete with my team, and excited as always to watch Professor Rafael Lovato Jr. compete along side us just a week after his MMA debut.

bjj luke

Check out this video of my teammates and #Greenstrength Fighters doing work at last years No-Gi world championships.

Many people have thought I was crazy doing two opposite – high intensity competitions the same day. My answer to this is simple. I train with a purpose daily to build skill sets, and build a capacity that allows me to do things like this. I watch the majority of people every day destroy themselves, punish themselves, and push themselves to the brink of death with exercise. Never building skill sets, or improving – just punishing. Well, I build and create my body to withstand and endure challenges like the one I embark on tomorrow. This challenge will be hard, it will leave me tired, and destroy me in a way. At least it has substance, value, and requires a mindset to complete. This is a much more rewarding physical punishment than just trying to punish myself daily with nonsense in the gym.

Now it’s time to prep and pack my food. Nutrition plays a major role in performance, how you feel, and how you look. Slacking the day before the comp and comp day makes no sense. Stay tuned for my updates and results!


Also – Best of luck to all my boys competing in Cali at the No-Gi World Championships. You all will do great! BELIEVE and ACHIEVE!


Green Strength Submitting People This Weekend??

Congratulations to Green Strength Black Belt No-Gi World Champion James Puopolo for going 2-0 this weekend at the KO FInisher in Canada.

James Puopolo

James won by submission in both matches, and prepares his body daily with cross-crawls, crawling, rocking, and mindful – conscious – practice in all applied disciplines.

Nothing Sexy or New Age – Just straight ass whooping!

James Puopolo 1

Professor Justin Rader 2nd MMA Fight KO – #GreenStrength

Justin Rader is simple one of the honest, nicest, caring, badass dude I have ever met.


As I become more fascinated with the mind and levels of conciseness I can start to understand and see where this man goes inside his head. What I mean is he not only trains his mind to be a champion, he lives his life as a winner daily. Many could learn from professor Rader, and ironically many will understand what I am talking about from the other side of the cage… Sucks for you!

Congratulations on the transition from World Champion Grappler to hopefully a World Champion MMA Fighter!

BJJ Homework


Okay, I’m gonna keep this to the point and use basic terminology so nobody gets confused here…besides, it’s the basics. Imagine you’re brand new to BJJ, and your first lesson is over deep half guard. You’re freaking out, wondering where the break falls, shrimps, and basic holding positions come in. They don’t, we’re already past that and there is no need to turn back.

This is the reality of the fitness industry and an everyday reality in the gym. As BJJ athletes we understand the importance of technique and the thousands of reps it takes to make those moves natural as well as efficient. But, when it comes to our strength and conditioning, we fail to use our intelligence over our ego. My point here – You earn the right to progress in every art form and strength is no different than BJJ.

Here is your first homework assignment. Over the next few weeks I want you to take a break from your consistent routine (hopefully) and test, practice, and groove these exercises below.

Warm Up – This should be done daily even up to 2-3 times per day.

Start with a Mobility Play Session.. Literally spend 10 minutes playing and creating mobility and joint integrity throughout the body. Walk, crawl, roll, stretch, find positions that feel tight, stay in them and breathe.

Next, proceed to 3×5 of the following exercises to finish your warm up:

-Prying Goblet Squat – Pause in the hole and use your elbows to pry open your hips and create more room. (Done with a light KB)

-Adducted Glute Bridge – Feet together with a pillow or yoga block between knees. Squeeze

knees and gluteus tight.

-Tall Kneeling KB Halo – Perform 5 circles each way.

Now it’s time for your special exercises outlined below. Practice grooving these exercises daily in any order, verging loads, tempos, etc. Strength is a skill that must be mastered and now you owe it to yourself to partake in the correct steps to achieve mastery.

A-   Goblet Squat

B-   Bottoms Up KB Presses

C-   Bottoms Up KB Front Squats

D-   Kettlebell Swings

E-    Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

Perform sets with maximum tension, and full contraction of each muscle. Practice linking the breath with every movement as you would in a playful roll. Your goal is to become in tune with your body, its breath, asymmetries, and activate the areas of your body you naively have put on hold for so long. A common question you may ask yourself is “why am I doing this?” Well, that answer will come soon enough if you stick with it…but for starters take a look at these exercises and listen to some of the positives that will come from practicing them regularly.

-Improved Mobility

-Improved and more activated core. (Translating to better core stability)

-Improved grip strength

-Increased Hip Power

-Shoulder Stability through multiple planes

-Lat and Rhomboid activation

-Better understanding of your squatting and pressing groves

-Increased anaerobic/aerobic conditioning

I can go on and on but the thing I like the most is the chance for injury is decreased throughout this simply by the exercise selection.


I promise if you master these exercises you will feel an increase in your BJJ game as well as the longevity and well-being of your body. As Rafael Lovato Jr. and I  talk about all the time, your strength and conditioning should be increasing your longevity on the mats, if it’s holding you back because of injury, fatigue, or taking up to much of your time, then you my friend are not winning in the end. For a better understanding of these exercises and/or a movement screen I suggest looking up a nearby SFG Instructor for help. www.strongfirst.com


Contact me for help, Osss

Never a dull moment in Green Strength Labs

If your a fan or follower of anything Martial Arts you’ve probably heard of the name “Gracie”. Not everyday does one (Clark Gracie) put in work in your gym. However, Green Strength Headquarters is the laboratory of Rafael Lovato Jr. so there is never a dull moment as Jr. is always bringing in the best while on the grind for his next performance. Pleasure to have Clark in the house and can’t wait for worlds!