Congrats Phillip | #GreenStrength Meal

Congratulations Phillip Miller on receiving his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu this past week. Ever since meeting Phillip a couple years ago I have enjoyed watching him compete and rise in rank. Probably safe to say now that his journey has finally begun! Best of luck in the future – Green Strength supports you!

Phillip Miller Black Belt 2

Recently I have been posting my #GreenStrengthMeal and getting great response and questions from many.

Greenstrength meal

Keep them coming, I am here to help as much as I can.

Check this meal out from none other than the badass above (Phillip Miller). Dude receives a black belt and tosses down a #GreenStrengthMeal like a boss. As world champ James Puopolo and I like to say (Karelin Meals!)

Phillip Miller Greenstrength Meal

Organic-free range eggs, covered in seared organic avocado, sprinkled with hemp hearts. 

Qualifies with flying colors! Send me your #GreenStrengthMeal

Oss, Namaste, In Strength, Peace Out

Lucius C. Tirey IV

Baby monster goes to dentist.. Rewarded with WHAT!!??

Higher Primate AKG breaking down some big problems we face. Enjoy!


Baby Monster (almost 4) went to the dentist. It was a big day. First time. I sprung her from school early and we were both psyched out of our minds about that. She was brave, went back all by herself, in her tiara, for her polishing and check up. She chose the apple flavored toothpaste… you know you were curious. I’m not even going to start on what is probably in that to make it taste “apple.”  I was in my own cleaning, eavesdropping on the conversations between her and the hygienist and then the dentist. Let me just say. I was impressed. Feeling  awesome about my choice in dentist. There was a ton of positive reinforcement going on. I loved that she was hearing the foods and habits that would help keep her teeth healthy, and those that would not. Eat veggies and brush those teeth twice a day, avoid sugar…pretty simple and true. She was praised for having taken care of her teeth with the news that she had zero cavities! And then, she bobbed her little curly haired, tiara laden head into my room, with her goody bag. That disgusting anxious wave, reminding me that I’m wound a little tighter than my body can handle, rose up. Yeah. I had sweaty palms over a goody bag. Anyway. Surprise! Out comes the sucker. Sugar free. Not ideal, but honestly, I could deal. I even did my best pushing my mind to allow her to keep it- even though it would be full of sugar free substitutes, chemical laden, and made to look appetizing with food coloring that I know hurts her. About thirty seconds of that thinking and I couldn’t take it. What she would trade for it?Could I get by with fruit? Twenty minutes of letter games on the IPad? Bribes.  In my dream world she’d pass on it, on her own, the priority of heath I’ve tried to model for her on how to appreciate her body, mind and soul winning out. HA.

Overall, I deemed this visit a win for the monster…she had learned some about health, from amazingly nice and cheery QUALIFIED people that care about her…reinforcing the habits we try to instill in her every day. It’s easier when it comes from another messenger, especially a trusted, accredited source.  A doctor.

But then.  Check out.  And you know what that front desk girl handed her for having zero cavities? This. This certificate.



How can we do this to our kids? How can we call this healthcare? Honestly, I’ve come to expect this in schools, but at the dentist? This is what is wrong with America. Reward these tiny little beings, who look to you for guidance, with the one thing you just said would harm them. Cool. Thanks. It takes a village.

I can’t help but think: This pizza company. Getting free marketing…through a DENTIST. I’m furious just typing that. Obviously I said something. Nicely. Will they keep handing out those cookie dough prizes for healthy teeth?  Probably. Point here, I’m just disappointed in the way the powers that be have control over our minds and bodies. Why do we allow it? Convenience? Addiction to the chemicals and ingredients used? Probably the fact that we don’t feel the pain immediately. Well. Take a second and look around at our fat, sick and confused kids. How can we set them back like this? Overweight and sick, before they are even in control and making their own choices. We pump them full of “food” we wouldn’t even eat (fish sticks anyone? Canned green beans? Have you looked at what is in a fruit rollup? Gag). We shouldn’t treat the people we care for the most that way. We have a responsibility to them.  We bring them into this world. We buy their food.  We send them to school.

Make some sacrifices and buy your kids real food. And you eat it too. Show them how to take care of themselves. How to love themselves. For real. That’s love. Cookies and pizza, for reaching a heath milestone?  That’s confusing. No wonder we all have disordered eating patterns, and negative self images.

How about setting aside a portion of the thousands of dollars each year you are willing to spend on sports, activities, training, and equipment trying to set them up for a one in a million chance at becoming some kind of academic, artistic, or sports superstar, to invest into real, quality food that will keep their brains and bodies healthy? You going to put ethanol in your car if you want optimal performance? No. Don’t put it in their or your bodies either. Just a thought.

I get the treats thing, I use it way more often than I’d like, I understand. Raising kids is a constant struggle of doing what is right and doing what is easy. Working full time jobs, cooking meals, training, keeping up with the house, parenting, maintaining some sort of social interaction. Good lord that’s a lot.  I let convenience win way more often than I’d like. We’re all tired and overworked. I’m not judging you. But come on. Let’s open our eyes and take some action.


Green Strength Elephant

Not a recipe – But helpful information..

Here you can find and interesting article about the 11 most destructive nutrition lies ever told. 

Basically let me break this down to you from picture art to make it elementary level.

Below you have a picture of our highly educated nutrition dude (remember who funds his education and all the economic control simply controlling what he learns).

long nose monkey

Nose is so long its easy to see he is full of shiz… However, he keeps preaching to the audience. Yet this audience doesn’t seem to buy into his economic run bullshit and is so mad it looks like their heads are going to explode.

red face monkey

Its time to stop standing on a silent platform – Fight the war, F*** the norm!

mic monkey