Listen to your body dummies….

Yesterday was supposed to be my viking warrior conditioning day as well as some simple and sinister play. However my body just felt different and I seemed to have less motivation. Instead of forcing myself to complete the high intensity work I literally just played for 90min. Tons of crawling, mobility, rolling, and breathing exercises had me so energized I decided to actually train. Here is the kicker. I refused to hit the weights and instead did 5 rounds of the following in order to fully allow my body/mind to recover..

-One Arm Push Up x3/arm

-Pistol x3/leg

-TRX Single Arm Row x5/arm

-Forward Leopard Crawl x10yards

-Backwards Shoulder Crawl with hips elevated x10yards

Moral of the story is you must listen to your body and rest or reduce intensity/load based on how you feel in the current moment. No online program or magazine can bust you through a plateau as fast as managing your own training stress. Be mindful, listen to your body, and train for a specific skill or goal!

Train Smart – Train Mindful

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