9/22 – GreenStrengthIV Training Log

Thursday 9/22

Session 1

53 x2/2 (alternating)
53 x3/3 (Unbroken)

KB Swing – 53 4×25

Walk outside – x45min

Session 2 was fueled by none other that some delicious black coffee and of course my alpha brain from Onnit. Try it out for yourself HERE! 

Session 2

KB Arm Bar – 36 x1/1

Safety Squat Bar Squat (Ladder Program – Wk 1 Medium Day)
105×5, 155×5, 205×5
255 4 ladders of 3 rungs (5-3-2) = 40 total reps

Safety Squat Bar Squat
205 3×5 (30sec rest between sets)

Axle Bar Close Grip Incline Bench Press (Ladder Program – Wk 1 Medium Day)
60×5, 110×5, 160×5
210 4 ladders of 3 rungs (5-3-2) = 40 total reps

Fat V-Handle T-Bar Row
100 4×15

KB Hack Squat – 53 3×12 (Heels elevated on 100lb plate)
Incline DB Tate Press – 40 3×12
Band Face Pull – Black Band 3×12

Prowler Sprint
200 (added on prowler) 10 x20yds (Every 2min on clock)

Belted Sled Drag Forward and Backward – 95 x20min

Questions? Feel free to reach out below!

Vince Anello (Deadlift King) Used Green Strength Principles



Above is Vince Anello deadlifting some serious weight. One thing i’ve read that is very rare today (and is discussed in this interview here) is how Vince trained his deadlift. New trainees as well as many experienced lifters seemingly never value the eccentric portion of the deadlift. I myself have made the eccentric portion of the Deadlift a principle in my Green Strength Philosophy and it has allowed me to pull 3.2 times my bodyweight. I use the 80/20 rule in this position and think that 80% of your deadlift training should have a focussed eccentric and not a drop, or fast set down. “Well I deadlift 600+ pounds and it’s impossible to lower it with a controlled tempo”… Okay, well if it’s not lowered with control its not a counted lift. But this is just my opinion. Check out the interview with Vince and you’ll see this man valued the eccentric portion of the lift so much he trained a lot with the eccentric portion first, followed by concentric. These are some great things to try if your stuck in a deadlift rut!