9/24 & 9/25 – GreenStrengthIV Training Log

Saturday 9/24

Session 1 

This was a recovery day and post Alice In Chains show the night before. Needless to say recovery action was needed.

Walk x 1hr 45min

Foot reflexology work done

Epsom Salt bath



Pavel and I

Sunday 9/25

Session 1 

Safety Squat Bar Squat (Ladder Program – Wk 2 Hard Day)
105×5, 155×5, 205×5, 255×3
275 5 ladders of 3 rungs (5-3-2) = 50 total reps

Axle Bar Close Grip Bench Press (Ladder Program – Wk 2 Hard Day)
60×5, 110×5, 160×5
220 5 ladders of 3 rungs (5-3-2) = 50 total reps

Safety Squat Bar Cyclist Squat (Heels Elevated On 35lb Bumper)
205 3×6

Neutral Grip DB Incline Bench Press
60 3×10

Band Face Pull
Orange Band 3×12

Ab Wheel

Back Ext
35 plate on chest 2×10

Airdyne Sprint
10cal at top of each min x5min

Session 2 

KB Max Power Swings
70 EMOM x20min
-Min 1-5 x5
-Min 6-10 x6
-Min 11-15 x7
-Min 16-20 x10
140 total swings

50lb Weighted Vest Walk Outside x45min

A few minutes of light stretches to finish up

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What’s really in a big mac? | Green Strength

So I am tired of posting these or even looking at them as we really never learn anything. The fact is WE ALL KNOW that these fast food companies care about money over health/quality, target your children in order to develop lifelong customers, and lie about whats really in their products. YET MANY STILL EAT IT, and these are the same people who ask me about what supplement to take…. Well…. Don’t worry about supplements, worry about what you put in your mouth for the sake of your life. And our children? Please people, we must not be okay with what is happening. Our children are lazy, overweight, and have developed a huge reward or “fun” time with sugary – crappy – foods! This is bad parenting as your child cannot make the choice to be healthy until they are of a certain age. Couple that with the fact they are addicted to foods like its heroin by age 5 and we have an even bigger problem.


For the original post on whats in a big mac CLICK HERE!


Try this primate session out with a pair of kettlebells | #GreenStrength

1 primate

2 bells

Not a lot of time

Hell of a lot of benefits


Ok, here it is.

20 total sets done in as quickly as possible. But remember, we aim for technique, tension, and power. If your compromising any of these for speed your being silly.

10 sets of 10 double kettlebell swings

5 sets of 5 cleans, with a 5 foot forward and backward walk in rack position, only on last clean!

5 sets of 5/arm Gorilla cleans


I usually like to finish these with a 10-15 min walk where I practice different breathing practices and get nice and relaxed. Enjoy!