Wise coach preaching wise words. Must for all athletes to read & revaluate

Shawn Myszka is a coach I have followed for some time and really look up to. Every time he posts something I find nothing but value, EVERY-TIME it seems. While this is just a simple FB post it speaks of highly valuable information for all athletes.

“On page 160 of Bruce Lee’s Tao of Jeet Kune Do he states, “the essence of fighting is the art of moving.” To me, American football is a form of fighting/combat…controlled chaotic stimuli of a similar sort as martial arts. Yet I find it interesting that the majority of American football physical preparation coaches (i.e. S&C) as well as the position coaches choose to look on either extreme end of their respective spectrum (general motor abilities for the S&C or the tactical-strategic abilities for position coach)….yet, the thing that links those two things and that athlete to the battle is his display of movement. ‪#‎MovementCoachMovement‬”

“And of course, let us not forget that Siff/Verkhoshanksy also stated in Supertraining. “the essence of sport competition activity lies in the movements of the human body.” Eerily similar thoughts from masters in each of their respective disciplines.”

Movement is our ticket to better health. Better nutrients, real food, proper breathing, all enhance our ability to move. As we enhance our ability to move with precision and pose we set ourselves up to better solve physical tasks in our sport/life. Respect movement, chase perfection in movement, then live a long life enjoying the movement you’ve honed.

Train smarter – not harder,

Lucius C. Tirey IV

The Crazy, True And Scary Facts About The Supplement Industry | www.bengreenfieldfitness.com

Interesting podcast from Ben Greenfield about the true and scary facts of supplement companies (Yes herbalife is one).

Before spending any more money on the magic product, develop a consistent habit of the following below

-drink tons of water

-eat tons of colorful veggies

-consume a reputable fish oil daily

-exercise or at least sit there and meditate (practice breathing)

-if you like meat and are a meat eater then eat happy animals who were best cared for

-tell yourself that you are happy with yourself and where you are in the current moment daily. You can’t change yourself in seconds but you can when minutes turn into hours and hours turn into days. Constantly strive to get better!

you can check out the podcast here, enjoy!



Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed (The Real Reason For The Forty-Hour Workweek)

Here is a great article that many of you might find interesting. Go ahead and read it while working to keep your life afloat. How afloat is your life? Take money out for a second, are you happy, healthy, and have many hobbies such as reading, walking, yoga, writing, cooking, etc.. While money is certainly needed in todays day and age one thing remains the same,

-money doesn’t create or define you

-money doesn’t solve your actual internal problems

-money can lead you to evil places if not understood and cared for correctly

Yet we spend hours and hours of our day giving up time to think, move, and love as the normal for living in todays time.

Always remember this,

-Fitness industry has skyrocketed – yet obesity, disease, and life expectancy has decreased

-More and more diets, pills, plans, and PYRAMID HEALTH PROGRAMS are out there sucking us dry – yet we get sicker?

-Exercise programs, gyms, trainers, health/life coaches are all making a buck pushing and selling “no pain – no gain” – Yet developing skills and proper movement, or corrective exercise is labeled as a “joke” or “boring”, and is virtually hard as hell to sell (yes selling pain free, proper movement is hard)

I love life – I love this earth – universe – cosmos (ALL of it), yet don’t understand the direction we are going. If its to be sick puppets who do nothing but follow the system then we are headed in the perfect direction.