Professor Justin Rader 2nd MMA Fight KO – #GreenStrength

Justin Rader is simple one of the honest, nicest, caring, badass dude I have ever met.


As I become more fascinated with the mind and levels of conciseness I can start to understand and see where this man goes inside his head. What I mean is he not only trains his mind to be a champion, he lives his life as a winner daily. Many could learn from professor Rader, and ironically many will understand what I am talking about from the other side of the cage… Sucks for you!

Congratulations on the transition from World Champion Grappler to hopefully a World Champion MMA Fighter!

Happy Birthday to BJJ’s Most Decorated American – Rafael Lovato Jr.

Been a little over 3 years now that I have known Rafael and his constant work to improve his craft has never slowed down. The consistency of his performances at the highest stage is legendary. Since 2007 he has made the podium at the World Championships every year. These performances and many great moments have been achieved while he was still building monsters to follow in his footsteps. Next is MMA, and as with all things Lovato – becoming the best he can be is what he will strive to showcase.

Happy Birthday to a great professor, warrior, and friend. May the future keep bringing you success!



Never a dull moment in Green Strength Labs

If your a fan or follower of anything Martial Arts you’ve probably heard of the name “Gracie”. Not everyday does one (Clark Gracie) put in work in your gym. However, Green Strength Headquarters is the laboratory of Rafael Lovato Jr. so there is never a dull moment as Jr. is always bringing in the best while on the grind for his next performance. Pleasure to have Clark in the house and can’t wait for worlds!