9/16 – GreenStrengthIV Training Log

Friday 9/16

Session 1


70 x5/5

“Right of Passage” C&P (Day 3 of 3)

70 5 ladders of 4 rungs (4-3-2-1) = 50 total presses per arm

Variety Neutral Grip Pull Ups

5 ladders of 4 rungs (4-3-2-1) = 50 total pull ups

Single Arm KB Swing

70 x 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5 = 100 total

Single Arm KB Farmers Walk

53 2x1min each side – no rest/back to back

Session 2

Spider Cambered Bar Back Squat (Day 3 of 3)

260 10×3 (approx 60-90sec rest)

Spider Cambered Bar Cyclist Back Squat – Heels on bumper 25

120×8, 170×8,

200 3×8

Dimel Deadlifts

185 3×12

Pyramid Deadlift

150 3×8

*Rest about 30sec between each – a few minutes between sets

Prowler Sprint

140 5x20yd

DBL KB Farmers Walk

88’s 3x40yd



*all done in superset – rest about 2-3min between each set

Sled Drag

90 x10min

9/14 – GreenStrengthIV Training Log

Wednesday 9/14

Session 1


x60min light recovery spin (450cal)

Session 2 

Croc Breathe

Croc Breathe into Bretzel

KB Arm Bar 16kg x1/1


70 x5/5 – rest as needed

“Right of Passage” C&P (Day 2 of 3)

704 ladders of 4 rungs (4-3-2-1)

Medium Grip Neutral Grip Pull Up Ladder

4 ladders of 4 rungs (4-3-2-1)

Single Arm Swing

70 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 10/10, 5/5, 5/5, 10/10, 5/5 = 100 (8min)

BJJ Drilling

40min of light movement and drilling in the GI


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I’m Hurt, Banged Up, Overused…On to the next phase.

Last weekend I competed in the TSC and the Texas Five Grappling Tournament. Over the last couple of months I have discovered many things in my body; mainly fascial problems that have lead to asymmetries, that lead to overuse, injuries, etc.. This is common in pretty much everyone we see as we always want to push ourselves rather than build ourselves. I am just as guilty of this and sometimes it takes a moment like this to readjust and proceed forward correctly. With that being said, I went into the TSC with a few goals, and met them with flying colors.

I started Saturday morning at the TSC, weighing in at 186 lbs.

Deadlift – Ultimately this was going to be the moment for my 600lb pull, however I had to be smart and stay within my current limits due to my recent physical condition. I pulled 535lbs very easily. Missed 560 on my 3rd attempt due to a few things but who cares? I stayed smart and didn’t fight, just sat it down – veteran move!

Pull Ups – This was much tougher than I had anticipated, based on the nature of the pull up training I was used to (usually KB weighted pull ups/not for max reps). The metabolic effects of a true dead hang max pull up set are tough. Remember this was no kips and crap like that. I pulled out 20 reps hitting my goal.

Snatch – Again, I had to be smart here with my injuries, especially due to the fact that directly after the competition it would be time to grapple. I allowed myself one set down of the bell towards the end and still snatched 109 reps in 5min.

While this wasn’t my original Elite Class – 600lb Pull and TSC World Champ, I was able to accomplish goals while keeping my ego in check!

FIVE Grappling Texas 2 | www.mikecalimbas.com/BJJ/FIVETEXAS2

Next we jumped in the car and drove 30+ minutes to the grappling tournament where I competed in 3 total matches. The first was a GI match where I lost by points: 5-3. I made the first move and then made the first mistake, and he was able to capitalize.

The second match was against some punk in No-Gi who had no business being out there. His hand fighting tactics were punches, literally. The match was stopped as he was warned to STOP HITTING ME. Once we restarted, I face planted him, took his back, gave him some Rader face choke moves and waited for the ref to see the tap :).

My third match was against a Lovato BJJ teammate of mine for 1st in our division. This match was my favorite part of the day because A- he is tough, B- I have a lot of respect for him, C- I was able to win with a kimura.

This physical challenge was a blast and I highly advise others to set an event, challenge, or goal, and make it a priority. I had goals, accomplished many, spent great time with friends, and deff uplifted my spirits during this weekend. Going after something creates character, strength, and brings fulfillment in life.

So now onto my next phase…. I am going to take the next 3 weeks to do only these things….

-Rocking, Crawling, Neck Nods, Soft Rolls, Myofascial Release Techniques

-Yoga 2 X Week (Wed night, and Sunday with Green Strength’s Budokon teacher)

-Viking Warrior Conditioning 2 X Week

-Simple and Sinister 3 X Week (just practice TGU and keep swings moderate in volume)

-Strength Session 3 X Week – only these movements

*Day 1 – 5 total rounds with 4-5 being top end sets

DBL KB Clean x (2, 3, 5)

DBL KB Press x (2, 3, 5)

DBL KB Front Squat x (2, 3, 5)

Weighted Chin Up x (2, 3, 5)

Pistol x (2, 3, 5)

*Day 2 – 5 Rounds with 4-5 being top sets

DBL KB Swing x5

DBL KB Clean x5

DBL KB Reverse Lunge x5/leg

Single Arm Snatch + Negative of Press on way down x5/side

Weighted Tactical Pull Up x5

*Day 3 – 5 Rounds with 4-5 being top sets

DBL KB Snatch + Negative of press on way down x3

Single KB Press x3/side

KB Renegade Row x3/rows arm

Rack Pulls (below knee) x3

Over Under Grip Pull Up x3/each side


Sun – Viking Conditioning, Yoga

Mon – Day 1 Strength

Tues – Simple and Sinister, Rocking, Crawling, Walking (These can be done everyday – however they are done for sure this day)

Wed – Day 2 Strength, Yoga

Thurs – Viking Conditioning, Simple and Sinister

Fri – Day 3 Strength

Sat – Simple and Sinister

Wisconsin muscle and hustle. | GreenStrength

Headed back from a great vacation with my ladies, although the drive is rough on the body I’m managing to handle it.

I had 3 training sessions on this vacation and each one was 1hr or less of efficient training.

The first day we visited Fords Gym for a deadlifting workout. This was the 1st scheduled session in prep for the Tactical Strength Challenge. I Did the following:
1- deadlift 1×2 @430
2- deadlift 8×3 @345
3- circuit style of 3 total rounds. Minimal rest
-stiff leg deadlift – 135×8, 185×8, 235×8
-seated cable row – set on 15×8 each round
-neutral grip pull up – x8 each round
– safety squat bar goodmorning – 160×8, 180×8, 200×8

The following day I took to the hills of Cottage Grove, Wi. I am always nursing my previously torn calves so being smart in sprints is a priority. I did the following:
4 distances (long, almost long, medium, a little under medium) and did 3 sprints at each distance (descending Down).
This was 40min in total time

The third and final training day was back to Fords Gym. The atmosphere, people, and old school equipment make it a destination every time I return to Madison, Wi. This session was my squat/press barbell day and went as follows:
1- Safety Squat Bar Squat
-worked up to 300×5, then 340×3
2- dropped load to 270 and did 3×3 w/ pauses of 10-20sec on 1st rep each time
3- barbell military superset w/ HSPU (strict)
-135×3 + 3HSPU, 155×3 + 3HSPU, 175×3 + 3HSPU
4- pistol squat – I stayed with a 53lb kb and did 10 per leg, between sets I did 3×5 of my favorite ab exercise JANDA SIT-UPS.

This concluded my “training”, however that makes no sense because I am always training. Let me explain,
-I love going on walks and did several at the farm
-I practiced my yoga here and there whenever I needed a release from my tightly bound body
-I maintained a diet of quality nutrients even tho it was vacation and cheese curds, brauts, and beer were in abundance. This isn’t always easy but when I smash the TSC it’ll be all worth it.

Enough of my talk – let’s talk Madison Wi. What a city! People moving everywhere, coffee shops with character on every corner, lakes galore, and home of the original Monkey Bar Gymnasium. I highly recommend this city for any and everyone to visit – you won’t regret it!


3min & 30sec of Beautiful Movement | Watch it!

Those who spend time around me now have seen my transformation and have started to experience the Green Strength Philosophy. I always harp on owning positions and movement rather then doing more, going deeper, and skipping progressions. The more quality and conscious our efforts become the better skills we will develop. Here is a video that displays movement at its best, there is no doubt a flow like that is an enormous psychedelic experience. Enjoy, practice mindfully, and enjoy the journey!